Вот что делает с человеком любовь к серфингу и рисованию

Художник Шон «Хула» Йоро (@the_hula) объединил свою любовь к серфингу и живописи.

« Я всегда черпал вдохновение в своем гавайском воспитании и островной культуре», — говорит художник из Кахалуу, Гавайи.

Вот несколько фото его работ:

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New mural inspired by the need to take care of our planet for the generations to come. With the devastating year of environmental roll backs — from the exit of Paris agreement to numerous energy and land deregulations — it seems the US government is set on putting profits over people. — I felt the need to give a voice to the generations to come that can’t even speak for themselves yet. They’re the ones who will be dealing with the aftermath of our greed now. Let’s fight to deal them a better hand for their future. — Sea level rise is already affecting millions today and shows no signs of slowing down. See Curbed’s article on combating climate change on your own www.curbed.com/2017/6/7/15749900/how-to-stop-climate-change-actions — Limited edition prints now available (shop.byhula.com)

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